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Back in 2016 I couldn't seem to grasp why so many investors jumped in the same pool everyone else swam in. Real estate flipping was suppose to be fun and exciting but it become overly saturated and discouraging. Thats when I decided to research mobile homes! After raising capital and guiding investors within my sphere on how to obtain high earning profits with a little investment, a light bulb went off in my head. With financial freedom being the complete focal point, I decided to implement real estate investing concepts but with a little twist. Mobile Homes! Thats when Mobile Home Guyz LLC became a thing. I now spend my days encouraging my team, building systems but also planning my next get away. This business can take you far if you let us enable you with the tools necessary to becoming a better business person.

Brandon Pfannenstiel

What All Mobile Home Investors Need

  • Simple and reachable goals using step by step training.

  • Investors don't want another job, they want a lifestyle change. A real scalable business with simple automation and steps to obtaining market knowledge and lead generation.

  • By the end of the course you will have the same tools, use the same contracts and get access to our exact same scripting that we use in our multi 6 figure business.

  • Cashflow is king. In our passive income program you will learn how to safely qualify buyers so that you can earn residual income month after month.

  • Always test your market before you invest money or your time into locating sellers. In our Buyers List course you will gain market knowledge so you know where to park your money and your time.

  • If you don't have money but you have a computer, you can become an investor. Our no money wholesale course will get you in the game in 30 days or less.

What You Can Expect.

  • Read Your Market

    We will teach you our deal secrets so that you constantly have market knowledge and buyers ready to buy as soon as you have a property.

  • Real Estate vs Personal Property

    You'll discover the key differences between real estate and mobile homes located in leased communities.

  • Passive Income

    Ready to quit that life sucking 9 to 5? Cash flowing mobile homes can be the difference between freedom and day dreading. Learn how to add another $300-$1,200 in passive income with our proven system.

  • Having a System

    Yes it's cool to be a business owner but its not cool when the business owns you. Let us teach you how to set up simple automation with no experience needed.

  • No Experience Needed

    Whether an experienced real estate investor or have never done a deal, no worries. We will hold your hand through this experience, and keep you on pace to nail your goals.

  • Wholesaling

    Learn how to flip properties with no money using a proven method called "Wholesaling."

Why Invest in Mobile Homes?

How To Invest in Mobile Homes

1. Passive Income Source: Over time you can secure your future income with earnings when you invest in mobile homes.
2. Always Necessary: People will always have a need for affordable housing options and mobile homes are an affordable solution.
3. Many Ways to Make a Profit: Reselling, flipping, or renting are different ways to make money on a mobile home. Combine these with different properties for more income opportunities.
How To Invest in Mobile Homes

Is Buying a Mobile Home a Good Investment?

How To Invest in Mobile Homes

Investing in a mobile home is a great investment. It doesn’t matter if you are buying the mobile home to flip, to resell, or to build your portfolio. The cost of maintaining a mobile home is much lower than the cost of a regular home and the affordability of mobile homes makes them the perfect answer for those looking for affordable housing. The lack of affordable housing is a real issue across the country. According to Pew Research, in 2020 46% of American renters spent 30% or more of their income on housing and 23% spent at least 50% of their income this way, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau. Mobile Homes are an affordable housing solution, making investing in a mobile home a win-win situation.
How To Invest in Mobile Homes


““I can't say enough about the help I received from Brandon Pfannenstiel and his team at The Mobile Home Guyz. We went through Brandon's program for several months and gained an extraordinary amount of knowledge about the Mobile Home business. While in his class, we were able to sell off two of our properties and get our third fully rehabbed. He also showed us some invaluable ways to use online tools that greatly helped us in becoming a real business. I highly recommend using his course and learning from someone who is extremely knowledgeable and successful in the Mobile Home world."”

Asset Restoration LLC

Jeff Dipple

““Brandon was a huge help in getting my business organized and off the ground. The systems he put in place for my lead generation and management would have taken months or even years for me to do myself. His expertise was invaluable and helped me to be confident in the direction I wanted to take my business.””

MHG Academy Student

Matt Hope

““Receiving mentorship with Brandon Pfannenstiel, was the best decision I made when I decided to invest my time and money into the mobile home business . Brandon’s mentoring calls, each week, gave me confidence in myself and with him. Brandon was organized , efficient and truly cared about my success by laying out a structured format and success principles he used for himself. Over the course of the five weeks that I was mentored by Brandon, I was given “homework assignments” to ensure that I was successfully tracking all of the efforts and research that needed to be done. “Driving for dollars” and making calls with FSBO’s was just a few of the assignments I needed to get comfortable doing. In addition, I hate to admit this part, but I was not Facebook savvy until Brandon helped me quickly realize how crucially important understanding FB. This part was especially needed to accelerate customer leads and free advertising. I recommend Brandon mentorship because he met me where I was at, which was with very little knowledge about the business. Within my second week of his mentorship, I had acquired a mobile home within my budget at $3,500 and flip that home for $8,800 within my first 45 days. Brandon was with me during this process and he made sure he was available for me by phone conversations and or text even outside of our normal weekly conversations. As of today, I am now in the process of selling my second mobile home and negotiating a third at the same community. This is all due to Brandon stressing the importance of building rapport and relationship with mobile home parks owners/management and that sure has paid off . You can’t go wrong with Brandon as your mentor!. Stick to his plan week by week and you are going to have lots of success for your mobile home business!””

MHG Academy Student

Lindsay Anglade

About How To Invest In Mobile Homes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a mobile home and a manufactured home?

    A mobile home is a prefabricated structure that rarely is mobile and was built prior to 1977. A manufactured home is similar, with the exception of time built. Built after 1977, manufactured homes must abide by the HUD Housing Standards.

  • What is mobile home investing on land vs mobile home investing in parks?

    When you buy a mobile home on land, you are buying the real property—that is, the mobile home and the land that the home sits on. When you invest in a mobile home in a park, you do not own the land, only the mobile home.

  • Are mobile homes a good real estate investing strategy?

    Yes! While mobile homes aren’t considered real estate (technically, they are personal property), they have a similar cash flow opportunity that real estate has. That is, you can create a cash flow by buying the home and reselling it for a profit or seller finance using owner carry back strategies for monthly income.

  • How do you make money in mobile home investing?

    As we just mentioned, there are various ways to make money in mobile home investing. Buying a single mobile home and flipping it to resell for a profit, purchasing a mobile home and using my “Quick Flip” strategy with little to no repairs at all, buying a mobile home and turning it into a cash flow unit with monthly-note payback income, or, less commonly, buying an entire mobile home park and leasing the land to other mobile home owners.

  • Should I have home repair knowledge before I invest in a mobile home?

    Absolutely not. While some mobiles home may require some repairs to resell for a profit, doing these repairs yourself isn’t necessary. And most often, the work required to flip the property for a profit is cosmetic in nature, such as painting or carpet replacement.

  • Is it a good time to invest in mobile homes?

    YES! Affordable housing is a real issue and mobile homes are considered an affordable housing option for many people. There has never been a better time to learn how to invest in mobile homes than now.

  • How much money can I make by investing in mobile homes?

    I flipped my first 2 bed 2 bath doublewide mobile home for a $4,000 profit using a quick flip strategy that only took 7 days from time of purchase, until sold. The purchase price was $6,000 and resold for $10,000. This strategy of “Quick Flipping” involves pre-selling the property to a database of buyers that you will learn how to generate when you work with MHG Academy. But, in addition to flipping mobile homes for profit, investing in mobile homes for cash flow income using my seller finance strategy is also a way to financial freedom. A good rule of thumb for determining your cash flow is determining the cost of monthly land lease in a mobile home park and knowing the average cost of renting a similar size property (square footage and bed bath comparables). The difference in average rent of a comparable property and the cost of a monthly park lease is your cash flow. Average rent rate–monthly land lease=CASH FLOW! You will learn how to determine these numbers in our Seller Finance Course.

  • How do I learn how to invest in mobile homes?

    If you are ready to learn how to invest in mobile homes, you’ve come to the right place! Mobile Home Guyz will teach you real estate investing concepts specifically around how to invest in mobile homes so you can be financially free.

  • Where do I sign up to learn how to invest in mobile homes?

    If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and start learning key concepts right away, sign up for a free webinar about learning how to invest in mobile homes.

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